High-level confirmed (C1)


Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm
6 students maximum 

This course is intended for students wishing to deepen their knowledge of vocabulary at a language level practiced at university, at work, among diplomats ...
An important place is given to the revision and deepening of everyday vocabulary but also to the learning of many idiomatic expressions and proverbs very much used in everyday conversations.
Because having a good knowledge of vocabulary allows you to write and speak French better, this course will also help you get better results on the DALF C1 / C2 exams. 

You practice this vocabulary in authentic situations. The teacher will give you many chance to speak and will systematically correct your mistakes in a class limited to 6 students.

Rate :
60 euros / 5 classes (1 class per week from registration)



Monday from 6:15pm to 7:15pm
Wednesday from 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm
8 students maximum

Course objective: to master complex grammatical forms.
Understand and use simple and complex grammatical forms without mistakes.
An experienced teacher systematically corrects the mistakes of the students in a friendly atmosphere!

Organization of a session:
1. Document to discover the grammar point of the day
2. Collective reflection on the use of grammatical form
3. Explanation of the rule
4. Practical application exercises
5. Oral and written productions in situation

Rate :
60 euros / 5 classes (1 class per week from registration)



Wednesday from 6 pm to 7:30 pm
6 students maximum

Course objective: Understand everyday French, learn idiomatic expressions and to discover the habits and traditions of the French.

Organization of a session:

1. Presentation of the theme of the session and mobilization of the essential vocabulary.
2. You watch the video on the theme.
3. You answer to the questions.
4. You correct it with the help of the teacher.
5. At home, you can review the video and read the transcript
to revise and memorize the new vocabulary.

Rate :
100 euros / 5 classes - (1 class per week from registration)
80 euros for students or if you already take a 90-minute course.



Thursday from 2pm to 3pm
6 students maximum

Offered to all levels, this writing workshop is the answer to all your « writer’s blocks » ! Writing a postcard, cancelling a subscription, structuring an essay, sending an email, the professor teaches you the writing codes and accompanies you through the whole process. Bring your project and a pen to let out your inner writer !

Rate :
60 euros / 5 classes of 60 minutes (one class per week for 5 weeks)