Elementary (A2)


Monday Friday from 2.15pm to 4.15pm 
6 students maximum

Next classes : 
Monday 7, 14, 21 et 28 of January 2019. 
Friday 11, 18, 25 of January & 1st of February 2019
and Monday 7 of February 2019

270 euros : 5 weeks (18 hours)
+ 25 euros : registration fee / year 



Tuesday from 4:15pm to 5:45pm
6 students maximum

You will learn to: describe and speak about your daily life, your work, your family ... propose an activity to someone, ask for information ...
With the listening and exercises, you improve your comprehension, your pronunciation and your intonation!

Organization of a session:
1. Warming up. Tell something about your week. The teacher helps you.
2. Discovery of the thematic vocabulary and a grammar point.
3. Listen to an audio document and answer a detailed questionnaire.
4. Role play.
5. Homework about vocabulary, grammar and memorization of new vocabulary.

Each course has a different theme and vocabulary.

100 euros / 5 classes - (1 class per week from registration)
80 euros for students or if you already take a 90-minute course.
+ 25 euros : registration fee / year 



Monday from 5:45 to 6:45pm
6 students maximum

With a good knowledge of vocabulary, you can quickly speak and write in French!

Review your vocabulary knowledge, discover new words and everyday expressions to quickly communicate and prepare for DELF A2 / B1 exams.

You practice this vocabulary in authentic situations. The teacher will give you many chance to speak and will systematically correct your mistakes in a class limited to 6 students.

Themes examples :

Physical description
Transportation …

60 euros / 5 classes - (1 class per week from registration)
+ 25 euros : registration fee / year 


GRAMMAR for Beginners

Wednesday from 2:15pm to 3:15pm
8 students max.

Course objective: To understand and use simple and complex grammatical forms.

Organization of a class :
1. Document to discover the grammar point of the day
2. Collective reflection on the use of the grammatical form
3. Explanation of the rule
4. Application exercises
5. Oral and written productions in context

Rate :
60 euros / 5 classes - (1 class per week from registration)
+ 25 euros : registration fee / year



Thursday from 2pm to 3pm
6 students maximum

Adapté à tous les niveaux, cet atelier de production écrite est la réponse à tous vos besoins ! Rédiger un courrier de résiliation, écrire une carte postale, structurer un essai, envoyer un email ... ?
Grâce à une démarche personnalisée, le professeur accompagne chaque étudiant pour l’aider à formuler à l’écrit et découvrir ou perfectionner l’art de la plume !
Offered to all levels, this writing workshop is the answer to all your « writer’s blocks » ! Writing a postcard ? Cancelling a subscription ? Structuring an essay ? Sending an email ?
The professor teaches you the writing codes and accompanies you through the whole process. Bring your project and a pen to let out your inner writer !

Rate :
60 euros / 5 cours -  (1 class per week from registration)
+ 25 euros : registration fee / year



Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm
6 students maximum

Course objective: Learn to communicate in French in daily situations.

You already know some basic French but speaking remains difficult ?
This class will help you improve your everyday life communication skills through conversation, audio and video, dialogues and role playing.

Rate :
60 euros / 5 classes - (1 class per week from registration)
+ 25 euros : registration fee / year