Online courses

Private or group lessons (6 students maximum)

to teaching online since 2013, you can be sure of the QUALITY of the courses given by QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED teachers.

With Skype lessons for private lessons or via the platform video conferencing Zoom, for group lessons, you can study with a textbook, have conversation, prepare for an exam like DELF, DALF or TCF, you can prepare a presentation, an exam, a job interview…

The process is simple:
You create a Skype or Zoom account if you don’t already have one (we can help you create it if necessary)
– The day of your course, you log in Skype or Zoom.
During the course, the teacher notes the new vocabulary, conjugations or grammar explanations, when he corrects you, he also notes the corrections.
After the lesson, the teacher sends by email a document with vocabulary, grammar points and corrections.

You want to test Zoom, meet us, ask us questions
and talk about your needs and goals?

Find us on Zoom
every Tuesday from 11 am. to 12 pm
every Thursday from 5 pm. to 6 pm
and every Saturday from 9 am. to 10 am

Contact us by email :, indicate the day and the date on which you wish to meet with us.
We will confirm your appointment and give you the Zoom code.